tyler’s trashed and trying to make brownies

he dropped two eggs on the floor and said “but the babies feel no pain”

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Stop what you are doing and watch this.

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I went on a walk and came back an hour later with flowers and my brother was already half-drunk on peppermint schnapps and now so am I?

today has been really fun actually

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if you think i’m over Pacific Rim ur wrong

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Title: Robots
Artist: Dan Mangan
Album: Nice, Nice, Very Nice
Plays: 4155

robots need love, too

they want to be loved by you

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bought some apple pancake mix and some funfetti brownie stuff and now i’m watching rom coms in my pajamas

it’s been a day

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13 Going On 30 is ten years old today


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i’m not bringing my books or anything but i am going to bring this applesauce to class because it is fucking delicious

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Fast Cash

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some guy just tried to kill me by swerving into like every goddamn lane before finally busting a tire and slamming on his brakes in front of me and all i could think was how sad my dad would be if i died while walking roxy

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Twin Peaks pilot (1990)
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Paolo Ventura

1. The Automaton III

2. 11:55pm

3. Before the Rain

4. The Funeral of the Anarchist

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i’m really getting used to talking to people i think

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