holy fuck look how cute they are

I want to talk about Burnie Burns




I want to talk about how much Burnie Burns loves his employees. I want to talk about how proud he is of his people, and how much respect he has for them. And I also want to talk about how protective he is of them.

I want to talk about how he was worried over Jack having Deep Vein Thrombosis so he called him to check on him a lot.

I want to talk about how he thought Gavin was sad, so he sent him a very nice text about how ‘a home is where people love you’

I want to talk about how he was so worried about there being shotgun shells around Millie, thAT HE BROKE INTO THE RAMSEY’S HOUSE AT 4 IN THE MORNING TO GET THEM


Saw these headphones going around tumblr and… well after reading this post i had to do it.

栗山 未来

DRAMAtical Murder → Episode 03

↳ Noiz


"Weren’t we going to explore the outside world? Far, far beyond these walls to the burning water, the land of ice, and the snowfields of sand? To the world my parents always wanted to see…"

SnK Alphabet
↳  O for Outside

took me 25 minutes to do my math final

Okumura Rin + Facial Expressions